2016 GMC Acadia for Sale in Batavia, IL

2016 GMC Acadia for Sale in Batavia, IL

The 2016 GMC Acadia for sale in Batavia is proof that GMC's crossover utility vehicles are not to be taken lightly. GMC made themselves famous with stout trucks and SUVs, but they've expanded to crossovers now, and take it from us - they do it quite well. The Acadia is every bit as "professional grade" as the rest of GMC's 2016 lineup. Visit Coffman GMC in Batavia to see for yourself today.

Of course, if you're looking at a GMC vehicle, you have certain expectations: rugged dependability, sufficient cargo and passenger space, and swagger to make the neighbors jealous. Not to worry, the Acadia comes out swinging. Its carefully-weighted suspension is the product of hours of research and development. As a result, the Acadia inspires confidence that it can handle every single one of its 288 horsepower. The power will be plenty for your daily duties, in addition to most heavy lifting you might need done.

Imagine your average minivan and then add in more swagger, more comforts, and more cargo space. Add in a large tool box for good measure and you'll have yourself a pretty good idea of what the 2016 Acadia is capable of. Thanks to its abundant interior space and folding third-row seating the Acadia will stun you with 116 cubic feet of space. That's plenty of room for groceries, activities and even tools.

Looking at the Acadia, you wouldn't be alone if you started seriously reconsidering that minivan you've had your eye on. The Acadia offers an impressive host of conveniences, and we're confident that you'll be leaving that minivan in the Acadia's rear view mirror. Audio and cruise controls are mounted on the steering wheel (leather-wrapped wheels are available, in case you were wondering); cupholders are available for anyone, not just whoever is lucky enough to call shotgun. GMC's Destination navigation ensures that you'll reach your journey's-end in one piece, and lastly, the Acadia's rear parking sensors ensure that you'll have no problems squeezing into that last spot at work.

Of course, all of these features mean nothing if the Acadia wasn't safe in a bad situation. The 2016 Acadia received excellent crash-test scores, and GMC made blind-spot monitors standard two years ago. Anti-lock brakes, traction and stability control, rearview camera and side and curtain airbags that reach the third-row seat fill out a long list of features designed to keep you safe.

The 2016 GMC Acadia for sale in Batavia is a tool-hauling, eight-passenger-carrying and confidence-inspiring piece of machinery. GMC's hard work and development has ensured that the 2016 Acadia is better than ever. Visit Coffman GMC today to test drive and see for yourself!

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