2017 GMC Canyon near St. Charles

2017 GMC Canyon near St. Charles

Are you in the market for a midsize truck? Maybe you need something to trailer your jon boat or camper, or perhaps you're looking for a hardy commuter than can also help get work done. Whatever the reason you're looking at midsize trucks, one current model that ought to capture your attention is the 2017 GMC Canyon.

Like many modern trucks, the 2017 GMC Canyon has versatility at the core of its design. Its top towing configuration allows for drivers to trailer up to 7,700 pounds without problem. You won't feel the lag in the driver's seat either and, in fact, this truck is renown for being smooth and silent on the road, with an plush interior that is sure to please.

Peaking your interest now? Consider the following list of even more things to love about the 2017 GMC Canyon:

4 Things to Love About the 2017 GMC Canyon

1. Top Driving Performance. This model has a number of appealing powertrains and utility-friendly options for truck buyers to choose from. Our particularly favorite recommendations include the four-cylinder turbodiesel engine if you're looking to do a ton of towing and hauling and if you have some trail riding and heavy snow roads you frequently traverse in St. Charles, then opt for the All-Terrain package for an off-road oriented suspension, all-terrain tires, rear locking differential, and hill descent control.

2. Quiet Cabin with Comfort Seating. The 2017 GMC Canyon delivers the type of comfort accommodations you'd normally expect in more passenger-oriented SUVs and crossovers. You'll love this quiet cockpit with front seats that are well-padded and offer strong support for all-day driving and long-haul moving.

3. Attractive Exterior Styling. Sure, many truck buyers care foremost about how well the vehicle tows and drives. However, looks are also important and the GMC Canyon does not disappoint. This is a handsome midsize pickup truck with a tall, upright grille paired with chrome accents that give the vehicle a more striking and commanding presence on the road.

4. Technology Outfitted for Driver Convenience & Safet. One of the most exciting aspect of buying a 2017 vehicle is all of the modern technologies that now come standard as part of your vehicle purchase. The 2017 GMC Canyon is no exception. This vehicle comes with a standard rear vision camera to make maneuvering, parking, and backing up to things like a trailer or boat ramp easy and stress-free.

Have teenagers? the built-in Teen Driver system is designed to track and encourage safe driving habits by automatically activating certain safety systems and providing parents with in-vehicle Report Cards where information on driving behavior can be readily reviewed.

The 2017 GMC Canyon is also equipped to seamlessly connect to the MyGMC mobile app where drivers can control many of the truck's features from their smartphone. Features like:

  • Precisely locating the vehicle
  • Remote starting the engine
  • Checking the vehicle's fuel economy, oil life, and even air pressure
  • Transferring destination information to make navigation easier than ever

Test Drive a 2017 GMC Canyon Today at Coffman GMC

Want to see some of these tech features in action? Or maybe you'd like to see how the different engine options and available trim packages compare in person. Either way, the best way to truly get a sense of this classy midsize pickup truck is via a in-person gander and behind-the-wheel test drive... which you can do right here at Coffman GMC. We're proud to have a wide selection of 2017 GMC Canyons for you to choose from and are conveniently located just a short highway hop away from St. Charles in Aurora, IL.

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