2017 GMC Yukon near Warrenville

2017 GMC Yukon near Warrenville

If you need a great looking vehicle that fits a family of six/+ while likewise trailering a boat or lugging along supplies, then you need to look no further than the 2017 GMC Yukon. This beauty of a vehicle looks like a full-size SUV but has the rugged power of a truck. It's the perfect choice for a Warrenville family that works hard, plays harder, and still finds time to appreciate the finer things in life.

Don't believe us? Just check out the following top reasons why you should add a 2017 GMC Yukon to your Warrenville driveway:

Top Reasons to Buy & Drive a 2017 GMC Yukon

  1. Tough as a Truck. We love trucks. They are excellent work vehicles, great at handling rural roads, and can tow boats, trailers, and campers. However, what they lack is interior space to comfortably carry people and belongings. The Yukon offers all of the capabilities you love about trucks with the added benefit of seating up to eight passengers (and one driver). This model features an eight-inch ground clearance that improves the SUV's performance in the snow while an optional all-wheel drive with two-speed transfer case optimizes vehicle performance on muddy and ice-slick roads and trails. Plus, this beauty of a brute can tow trailers of up to 8,500 pounds.
  2. Smooth & Stable Driving Performance. Given all of the brawn packed into the 2017 Yukon, you might expect it to be awkward on the road. Not true. The Yukon's body handles remarkably well and even the most timid of drivers will appreciate how well-planted this SUV stays when traversing even the curviest and hilliest of roads. The steering system feels smooth and responsive and even if you pack the vehicle full with adults, the Yukon is quick to accelerate.
  3. Spacious Interior with Premium Accents. In regards to packing the Yukon full of family and friends, they'll love it and so will you. This full-size SUV offers seating for up to nine passengers. That is some critical space for those with large families or those who are continually charged with shuffling around friends, family, and colleagues. The seating materials here are comfortable and marked by high-quality design. Those Yukon buyers who opt for the upgraded Denail trim will have even more to love with leather upholstery and special noise cancellation technology for a superior driving experience.
  4. Best in Modern Safety Innovations. There are some really exciting safety aspects of the 2017 GMC Yukon that make it a top pick. This model comes standard with OnStar, one of the best emergency response systems available today, as well as a number of driver-assist technologies like Automatic Emergency Braking and Side Blind Zone Alert. Front and rear parking sensors combined with a rearview camera also make getting in and out of tight spaces a breeze. But just as important as these integrated technologies is the Yukon's physical design. This is an SUV designed with a truck-style chassis that offers greater height and weight, providing occupants greater protection should they ever be in a crash -- and, in, fact, the Yukon earned five out of five stars in Edmunds independent brake testing for its front- and side-impact protection.

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You know what they say: Seeing is believing. Come down to Coffman GMC in Aurora, Illinois to truly see why so many believe that the 2017 GMC Yukon may just be the best SUV on the market today. Our dealership is located just a short distance away from Warrenville and offers perhaps the widest selection and some of the most attractive deals on GMC vehicles.

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